Challenge Levels

Threshold 0: It is impossible to fail this. Using Athletics to fall and hit the ground.

Threshold 10: It would take severe impairment or incompetence to have a chance of failing this. Athletics: Walk twenty feet in a straight line. Knowledge: Name your country of birth.

Threshold 20: Easy, but not everyone could reasonably be expected to succeed on their first try. Aiming: Shooting a door-sized target at 10 feet. Persuasion: Make a good impression on your girlfriend’s five-year-old son, thereby not ruining your chances with her.

Threshold 30: The baseline for routine daily tasks. Operate Ground Craft: Merge onto a freeway at highway speed. Persuasion: Politely dealing with a door-to-door solicitor.

Threshold 40: A feat that is not impressively difficult but is harder than what one is accustomed to having to perform in one’s daily routine. Operate Ground Craft: Navigate poorly-lit twisting roads in heavy rain. Persuasion: Arguing with your boss for a raise.

Threshold 50: A notably difficult task, but one not so difficult that it would necessarily require a professional. Craft (Architecture): Building a wooden play structure for children. Knowledge: Winning a bar trivia night.

Threshold 60: A task that the average person would not comfortably attempt and would leave to a professional. Use Electronics: Managing a website for a small business. Survival: A week in a temperate forest with only a few tools.

Threshold 70: A task the average person would not ever attempt. A minimally competent or “Bargain”-quality professional could not guarantee success. Use Electronics: Managing a website for a large multinational business. Survival: A week in a desert or jungle with only a few tools.

Threshold 80: An impressively difficult task that would not be routine even for a quality professional, and only outstanding individuals would be capable of reliably performing it. Craft (Pianist): Flawless rendition of a lengthy piano concerto from memory. Survival: A week in a desert with only the clothes on one’s back.

Threshold 90: An amazing achievement likely to garner attention and possibly fame. A difficult proposition even for a seasoned professional and impossible to reliably do for any but the best of the best. Athletics: The top 10 in the record books. Knowledge (Life Sciences): Sequencing an animal’s genome.

Threshold 100: Only a hypothetical perfect human could do this on demand. It would take exceptionally favorable circumstances or a large group of historically talented individuals for this to even be possible. Art: The works of Shakespeare. Science: The Manhattan Project.

Threshold 110: Even utilizing the theoretical maximum potential of human ability, this would fail more often than not. Stranger things have happened, though. Pilot: Landing a jet airliner on a mountainside. Aiming: Using a railgun to shoot a human target beyond the horizon line.

Threshold 160: The hypothetical most difficult task possible, which would require the perfect human getting insanely lucky. Athletics: Hitting 50 home runs in a row while blindfolded and on fire.

Challenge Levels

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