Duurl (aka grunts, three-arms, ship rats)

+10 to Athletics and Pilot, -10 to Networking. Physical fitness and skill at piloting spacecraft are highly prized in duurl society, but making friends is not.

3-armed: +10 to grapple checks, can wield up to three one-handed weapons (Due to the position of the the arm in the center of the duurl’s chest, the duurl cannot effectively wield one
two-handed weapon and one one-handed weapon, although a duurl wielding a two-handed weapon can use their third hand to hold or manipulate things as normal.)

Duurl were once the favored servants of the Primagen. They proved highly susceptible to the Primagen brainwashing and excellent spacecraft pilots. But the Primagen distrusted the duurl, who were violent and prone to tribal infighting. They were stationed far from the Primagen mothership in another part of the galaxy. Soon, they returned to their old ways and refused to serve the Primagen. The Primagen sent the gardock, their most powerful and numerous slave species, to ensure compliance. The gardock were slaughtered by the duurl and the Primagen left to another part of the galaxy rather than keep trying to reclaim their errant minions.

Duurl are hulking humanoids with reptilian or amphibious features. Duurl are significantly larger than humans on average, with males averaging around 2m and 36kg (6’8’’ and 300 pounds). Females are slightly larger on average and have duller, plainer “fur” (see below).

Duurl have two single-jointed arms that emerge from their shoulders and a third arm anchored to their sternum in the center of their chest. Their shoulder-arms terminate in five-fingered hands proportioned somewhat like an orangutan’s, and the center arm ends with a three-fingered hand.

Duurl appear to be covered in a soft, downy fur, which comes in white, black, and numerous colors. It can come in solid colors or various patterns. Although it appears like fur it is in fact a fungus, which grows symbiotically on the surface of the duurl’s scaly skin. This fungus is a remnant of the duurl’s evolutionary history on their harsh homeworld Orxtarkahs, where the fungus is toxic to a majority of organisms but not to the duurl. Duurl fungus is harmless to species not native to Orxtarkahs, except for being the culprit of the occasional case of allergy. Duurl acquire their fungal coating shorty after hatching, from their parents. Sometimes duurl exchange fungus patches with one another, to allow the various strains of fungus to cross-breed, and also for aesthetics, similar to human tattoos. Male duurl sport complex and beautiful fungal coats they use to display their suitability as mates.

Duurl hatch from eggs, which are usually laid in clutches of two to four. Most duurl fleets have a special incubation ship where duurl mothers can leave their fertilized eggs. These ships have special temperature and humidity regulators to ensure optimal hatching conditions. Unlike reptiles, but like humans and other mammals, female duurl nurture their young with mammary glands, of which they have two rows of three on their abdomens.

Before being uplifted to interstellar awareness by the Primagen, duurl society was a deeply entrenched system of tribal despotism. Clans of duurl, distinguished by distinctive fungal patterns, warred with each other for supremacy of the various territories of their homeworld. When the duurl were recruited en masse to crew a massive war fleet for the Primagen, this basic societal structure was kept intact. Although the duurl’s territorial instincts were suppressed by Primagen brainwashing to allow for cohabitation on spaceships, they found that the duurl could not function in space without being allowed to follow their ancestral ways. Terrestrial clans were reformed as strike fleets, meant to serve as an navy for the Primagen. However, the duurl’s tribal rivalries overrode the Primagen brainwashing and the fleet was soon in shambles with infighting.

The smallest unit of duurl society is a single spacecraft, which are usually operated by a duurl extended family: most commonly two or three brothers, a shared harem of females, and their offspring. Some duurl families have several generations aboard their ship.

Ships assemble into strike fleets between ten and fifty ships strong, held together by ties of marriage and by bitter rivalries with other fleets. These strike fleets are lead by the eldest, most battle-proven warrior among the constituent vessels, a position known as mukraal among duurl. Duurl mukraals are commonly referred to as Khans by other races.

Duurl khans live and die by the sword, and their position of power is held only by force of arms. If a khan’s fleet is not kept busy with battle, its population will swiftly move to overthrow the mukraal and install someone more bloodthirsty. Upon the death of a khan, his rivals will plunge the fleet into chaos in the ensuing succession crisis. It is a violent and inefficient form of governance that has nonetheless enabled the duurl to expand across the galaxy with great success for centuries.

The average duurl age of death is around 62 Earth years. However, this number as an average reflects the large number of duurl who perish young due to violence or accident. Duurl whose lives are not ended prematurely can live to be well over 300 years old, and lose none of their physical or mental acuity as they age. Ancient duurl are typically given great respect, and most duurl over the age of 100 are locally famous for their battle prowess or other notable skills.

Duurl tend to make decisions quickly and are prone to experiencing intense emotions. For most members of other species, these traits make the duurl seem impulsive, reckless and libertine. The tendency for duurl to resort to mercenary fighting or piracy for their livelihoods only adds to the stereotype that duurl are simpleminded and violent. Duurl warriors are known to experience intense rage and bloodlust in battle, but in truth duurl experience equally intense grief, happiness, awe, and other emotions. The only feeling that is not intensified for them is fear.


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