First Contact through First Xenos War

The aliens of the First Contact are today remembered as the Primagen, their given name lost to time. The Primagen peacefully contacted a series of random individuals in 2012, the year that the Mayan calendar predicted the end of our world and the beginning of a new era. They explained to them, and through them to humanity as a whole, that they were an advanced society that traversed space seeking to bring enlightenment to the sentient races of the galaxy. To use the human idiom, the claimed to come in peace. Through the Primagen, Humanity learned of several other races, such as the Duurl and the Thrameexis.

At first, the Primagen were nearly universally hailed as saviors by Man, who faced numerous burgeoning environmental and resource crises at that period in its development. The Cult of the Primagen, a religion founded by the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 2020, believed that the Primagen were angelic beings, sent by whatever god one chose to believe in. Thousands of people from every religion on earth joined the Cult and it quickly became omnipresent. In time, it became the official religion of Humanity, though not without turmoil. However, it was not destined to last in its current form.

In 2114, a hacker group known as Muninn’s Eye successfully defeated the Primagen ship’s data encryption systems, allowing them unlimited access to their enormous data stores. Although they were detected and almost immediately locked out of the system, the state-of-the-art petaflop computers the hackers were using allowed a huge amount of data to be transferred to Earth. Among the information Humanity gained that day was the knowledge that the Primagen were a race of slavers. Not only that, their plan to enslave the human race had been working perfectly, as it had on countless other species. Arrive on a world of benighted ignorance and grant it enlightenment. Obtain their adoration and devotion. Then, bring about their Rapture: a mass abduction, mind alteration, and reprogramming. The Primagen had already enslaved several such races: the reptilian murklor, the sentient vines of Protean IV, and others listed as “depleted.”

This realization provoked the First Xenos War. The first act of aggression was a coordinated attack by a coalition of nearly every nation on Earth on the Primagen mothership. Before the Primagen’s subspace drive could generate a warp field and bring legions of slaves to the battlefront, the Primagen’s primary paccel was destroyed and the ship trapped in Terran orbit. As thousands of Trans-Atmospheric Ballistic Missiles streaked from Terra towards the immobilized ship, the Primagen sent a final message to Humanity: "Too late will the sons of Terra look to the skies and cry out, “Where are our saviors?” Gone."

The Primagen had, by all accounts, overestimated their superiority to humanity and simultaneously underestimated humanity’s capability to adapt to their technological gifts. Usually uplifting a species to usefulness was a matter of centuries, not decades. They had come to Humanity too late, the species had grown willful and too technologically developed to truly embrace the Primagen as gods. In the end it was a clever group of humans named for the servant of a god—Muninn, the Raven of Memory—that brought them low.

No sooner had the pilots of the Coalition Space Defense Wing begun celebrating when shimmering purple tears in space and time began to ripple around them. Hundreds of ships emerged from the myriad portals: murklor war hulks, vine-encrusted bio-organic frigates, and the Primagen’s AI-controlled interceptor fleet. The Coalition suddenly had a fight on its hands. For an entire year, Humanity fought the Primagen legion in desperate defense of their homeworld. Humanity had learned far more from the Primagen than they would have liked, and proved technologically superior to their adversaries. After fighting which left huge sections of Terra in smoking ruin, its orbit choked with debris and destroyed ships, and the partial destruction of its moon, Humanity fought the aliens to a bloody standstill. The fighting would not end, however, with the defense of Earth. The alien races, still fighting fanatically in the name of their false gods, fell back first to the remainder of Luna, then to Mars. Using hybrid Primagen technology Humanity made the long journey to the Red Planet. The murklor and Protean ships were crippled, undergoing repairs, on the surface of the planet. Deciding against negotiation, the Terran High Command ordered the alien threat destroyed in nuclear fire. Both the Proteans and the murklor were wiped out wholesale, and if there are any more of them that remain in the Galaxy, they have not been encountered in over 300 years.

The Cult of the Primagen, its gods proven to be monsters, transformed into the Cult of Humankind with virtually no resistance. The nations of Earth, their will to unite galvanized by intergalactic threat and with the command structure having been established in practical reality already during the war, formed the Confederation of Terran States to represent Earth: now more commonly known as Terra.

All hostilities came to an end by 2118 and Humanity paused to rebuild, reorganize and sift through the vast amounts of knowledge that Muninn’s Eye had gleaned. Tentative contact was made with the Duurl and the Thrameexis using primitive subspace communication capsules, through an exchange of messages made between Terran and alien scientists. As Humanity’s web of contacts throughout the galaxy grew, an need to colonize space and develop interplanetary-capable subspace drives was acknowledged and addressed. Human settlements expanded across their native solar system and eventually to other worlds.

Throughout the late 2100s and the 2200s was an age of exploration and reconciliation. In this time period the Utir and the Urdine were discovered. The Utir had been isolated entirely from the stars due to their huge, high-gravity planet, and were primitive. The Urdine had never met Humanity but demonstrated knowledge of the existence of the Duurl and Thrameexis (to those races’ great surprise) as well as the Primagen and an unnamed race of machines that had surveyed the area.

This race of machines was traced to the Pleiades cluster, which was found to be filled with robots. Human exploratory science vessels were received with guarded courtesy until it was discovered they were scientific ambassadors in search of knowledge. This, the machines explained, was exactly the course of action that they wished to embark upon. The machines, who dubbed themselves Sisters after the star cluster of their origin, opened dialogue with the other races of the galaxy, offering specialized technological assistance in exchange for necessary resources and information.

All this meeting and mingling between the races, which for milennia had been impossible due to the Primagen, was also creating tension. Hence at the end of the 2200s Humanity began a joint venture to build a galactic neutral ground to meet and arbitrate from. Thus was created New Geneva.

First Contact through First Xenos War

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