Human (aka Terrans, Earthbound, Earth-Clans)

+10 to any skill. Humans have no racial aptitudes and therefore their expertise lies with whatever they happen to be good at and interested in.

Mental Plasticity: Humans have a remarkably flexible neurological makeup and can absorb new ideas, cultures and jobs like a sponge. Whenever a human character spends XP earned after character generation on improving a skill that he or she has never before improved, that skill gets 5 free ranks in addition to the ranks earned through XP, as a one-time bonus.

Human Adaptability: Once per encounter when attempting any skill, humans may add or subtract 1 to the number of Variance Dice rolled for that skill, to a minimum of 1d10 (not 0) and a maximum of 7d10 (yes, seven, more than is normally possible for any other race).

Human Luck: Once per day a human may roll a skill check at -1 Luck (making it more likely that variance dice will be good and not bad).

Humans first entered the galactic stage following the First Xenos War. With their hybrid of human and Primagen technology, Humanity proved highly adaptable and excelled at space exploration.

In spite of their violent start, which saw the complete destruction of the Primagen, the murklor, and the Prothean vines, Humanity today has peaceful relations with most of the galaxy. The construction of New Geneva marked the beginning of human acceptance among the races of the galaxy, and in time, the human spirit of cooperation led to more harmonious relations between several species. It is Humanity’s fervent desire to create a democratic, harmonious league to rule the galaxy, but this dream remains elusive, though closer with each passing day. Humanity’s many detractors say that humans all wear a false front, that no other race has the capacity for lies, violence and betrayal that humanity does, and that the human dream of a Galactic League is nothing but a smokescreen, behind which humans seek to lead all other lifeforms into willing servitude. The truth of course is somewhere in the middle. Galaxy-wide, humans enjoy a great deal of simultaneous respect and suspicion.

Humans in Fifth Sun are physiologically identical to their twentieth-century ancestors, although with the burgeoning of the genetech and cyberware sector more and more humans are diverging from their ancestral body forms, and a majority of humans have at least an implanted microcomputer and comlink. Over the past hundred years the human genome has been increasingly tweaked, as deleterious genetic conditions are exterminated from the gene pool and improvements to health and intelligence added.

Humans exhibit a strong desire to form social groups, with individuals connecting to other like-minded individuals. These social groups serve to institutionalize young humans, offering a sense of belonging among those within a group and alienation towards those not part of the group. The broadest social groups among humans remain, as it was before their space age, the nation-states into which the human is born, which govern the human and from whence the human traces its ancestry. Although the formation of the Confederation of Terran States as a governing body for humankind was and is necessary when dealing with politics on the interplanetary scale, most of the day-to-day governance of humanity is done by the nation-states that make up the Confederate council. The most powerful human nations include America, China and the European Union on Earth, Transolympia and Metternitch on Mars, Titan, Europa, and Belt Miner’s Union (BMU).


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