New Geneva

“New Geneva” is the name of a massive, 45-kilometer space station located in the central Carina arm of the Milky Way. It was constructed by humans in 2295-2301 as a galactic embassy for Humanity and a neutral ground for alien races to interact.

Initially development was slow and while many wealthy human backers were pouring money into the project, other species were skeptical. After a series of important diplomatic and economic treaties between the Humans, Thrameexis and Utir, negotiated while the station was only partially constructed, showed the galaxy the potential benefits of this new meeting ground.

New Geneva is not nationally owned or operated but is divided up into embassies for various species and nations, each of which is considered sovereign territory of that group. As an entity it is governed by a a parliament composed of a multiracial mix of representatives of the various embassies. This is the closest there is anywhere in the galaxy to a unified Galactic Senate, the professed ambition of humans as well as many aliens. However, the Geneva Council (as it is known) wields only questionable political power outside its home space station, and even then some question its ability to control the station outside its chamber doors.

New Geneva is one of the few places in the galaxy where members of different alien species live together, interact on a daily basis, do business side by side and must deal with one another’s greatly varying habits and needs. Some love the chaotic patchwork nature of the station, others abhor it. First-time visitors are wise to hire a guide, because the station is filled with poorly-defined boundaries separating different national and racial interests. One can easily make a wrong turn in a charming district run by the Human European Federation, and wind up moments later in an area policed by aggressive and xenophobic duurl, or a crawling, buzzing, intolerably claustrophobic hive of thrameexis. Even stepping across boundaries between territories run by the same race can be hazardous. Crossing from American-run territory into Chinese districts brings with it a host of cultural differences as well as legal ramifications. Laws, and the discipline of their enforcement, vary wildly across New Geneva because each extraterritorial concession on the station uses the laws laid down by its owners. Districts are responsible for policing themselves. There is no central government other than the Geneva Council, who cannot and will not help you if you are languishing in a duurl prison on New Geneva.

New Geneva

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