PACE Cannon

PACE weaponry is one of the few recent breakthroughs that does not rely on subspace at all. It is a modernization of laser and microwave weapons that were theorized and developed in the 21st century.

PACE stands for “Pulse-Actuated Concentrated Energy” if you are an engineer, and in popular culture it is more commonly assumed to mean “Point And Click Explosions.”

When activated a PACE cannon fires a stream of high-energy laser pulses. Each pulse is calibrated by complex algorithms to, in layman’s terms, dump a huge amount of energy into a “trough” in the energy’s wavelength at a specific point. That specific point explodes with significant force, equivalent to a blast from a modern grenade rifle. With 4400 pulses per minute being on the low end for power, PACE weapons allow the user to draw a line of explosive death across everything in the cannon’s way.

The weapon is extraordinarily effective against soft targets such as lightly armored vehicles and infantry. It has a number of operational advantages, being silent, recoilless, and with no projectile trajectories to calculate. Its drawbacks are that it must call upon a huge power supply, and that highly reflective surfaces interfere with the PACE weapon’s targeting system and greatly reduces the potential explosive force. Unprotected spaceship hulls are typically not shiny enough to mitigate PACE guns, but the cloud of polished metallic fragments that make up Ablative Shielding is. PACE cannons can wreak terrible havoc against enemy ships but only once their shields are down.

PACE Cannon

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