Utir (aka golems)

+10 Resilience, +10 Survival, +10 Striking, and free Specialization (Jumping) in Athletics, -10 Aiming, -10 Dodging, -10 Pilot. The utir’s unique physiology and high-gravity homeworld give them an array of advantages and drawbacks.

Utir have 10 points of natural Armor.

Stable: Utir get +10 to Athletics checks made to oppose grapple and trip attempts.

Non-humanoid (squat tripod): Utir bodies and lifestyles are sufficiently different from humans that they require special accommodations, such as special food, specially designed clothing, etc.

The utir are native to the huge, high-gravity world Gegenes (GEH-jeh-nees), with six times the gravitational pull of Earth. They walk on three legs connected to a fleshy lozenge-shaped core somewhat like a crab. They have a mouth, surrounded by a ring of primitive photoreceptors, located on the underside of their body between their legs. These pseudo-eyes can detect fluctuations in pattern, color and light intensity but are not the utir’s primary visual sensors. They are used to help the utir identify food: positioned around the utir’s mouth, the receptors let the utir “watch what it eats.”

Between the utir’s front two legs are a pair of rudimentary arms and a “face” consisting of two rows of three eyes surrounded by a field of tiny chitinous plates, which the utir can move with extreme precision and hardly any thought. The utir use these shifting face plates to communicate complex gestures and language, sometimes saying entire paragraphs in a single facial expression.

Utir can be thought of as hermaphroditic or as a single-gender species capable of parthenogenesis. When possible, utir pair up to mingle their genetic code when producing offspring, but they are capable of gestation by themselves if need be.

Utir do not have lungs, but breathe through pores on their wrinkly skin. Their skin is actually wrinkled and grooved on a fractal level, with microscopic ridges increasing the surface area of their skin exponentially. This leaves them with plenty of space for their pores to absorb air. These macro- and microscopic wrinkles make utir skin, which is reminiscent of an Earth elephant’s, actually quite pleasant to touch.

Because communication with an utir requires viewing the utir’s face, utir consider it rude for a non-utir to talk while facing away from the utir, and utir expect to be looked at when they are speaking. When dealing with non-utir, most utir have a small VI console, usually around its “neck,” which scans the utir’s facial gestures and produces a translation in one or more languages. Utir are often frustrated by how long it takes to say things in other languages, since their communication is near-instantaneous.

Utir do not have a native space program. They are usually afraid of great heights, since falls on their world are especially deadly. The difficulty that ships have leaving the gravitational pull of the planet also discourages them from leaving their homeworld. Some can be found on ships, however; since most vessels maintain a gravity of about 1 G the utir are are capable of making spectacular leaps and can lift heavy objects.


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